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Yes, all car makes and models allow for the installation of parking sensors.
Yes, most vans makes and models allow for the installation of reversing camera.
Most vehicles featuring parking sensors will have these on the rear or front bumper.as you approach, a wall or another vehicles for instance, you’ll hear or watching an audible beep or display that gets faster as you get closer.
Having the parking sensors are more effective at gauging what distance you are from the object rather than you doing so by eye through the reversing camera display. Gives you accurate distancing from your vehicle to the all abject
Yes you can add a reversing camera or parking sensors for your car easily, if you have any plans to keep your car we can help you for supply and installation
We have professional installation service on rear car parking sensors and front parking sensors for all vehicles with high quality sensors supply.
We have offer free delivery if your location not to far, yes we can come to your place for fitting and wiring
Yes we do, we have free delivery Supply and installation reversing camera on your place
Yes we have parking sensors and reversing camera on number plate frame or on bumper left middle right and side as well.
We working seven days from 8am to 6pm but you can text us 24 hours on messenger or what’s up
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